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Tiger News

Rahman the Lord of Dudhwa

LUCKNOW: Just two years ago, he was a terror, stalking Rahmankhera area just 25km from Lucknow after he strayed very close to human habitation. He was trapped, tranquilised and trans located to the Dudhwa tiger reserve after scared residents even refused to come out to vote in the assembly election. Today, Rahman - named after the place he took shelter in - is the lord of all he surveys in the reserve, lording over an astounding 60sq km area while, wildlife experts say, an average "tiger territory" doesn't go beyond 25sq km. Rahman also does not let any other tiger breach his territory in Dudhwa, which now has tigers. See link below to read the report in The Times of India.

Gir names its lions in a unique way

Gabbar Singh was thrown out of its territory in Dhari last week after he killed two lion cubs. Gabbar, the lion, apparently did not like the cubs' interference when he was spending some intimate moments with their mother!  See link below to read the story in The Times of India.

Surplus Ranthambhore tigers to be shifted to other habitats

To avoid this situation taking a serious turn, the state forest department is contemplating to shift a few tigers from their original home to other suitable tiger habitat areas of the state.  See link below to read the story.

Madhya Pradesh tracks poachers

After a lull, there was some action against tiger poachers in Madhya Pradesh on Sunday. In a raid by forest officials in Sewra range bordering Damoh and Jabalpur districts, a gang of 18-20 poachers, including women were tracked but all of them managed to escape.  See link below to read the report in The times of India.

China for the first time admits trading in tiger skins

China has for the first time admitted that it permits trade in skins from captive tigers, participants and officials at a meeting of an international convention to protect endangered species have said.

Five poachers caught inside Palamau Tiger Reserve

In a major breakthrough late last evening, foresters nabbed five poachers of a 13-member armed group from inside the core area of Palamau Tiger Reserve (PTR) near a dam in Betla, recovering traditional and modern ammunition, nets and turtle meat from them.

Hailing foresters for giving a “spirited chase to poachers” in the evening, Premjit Anand, divisional forest officer (core) of PTR, the state’s lone tiger reserve, claimed credit for his team for preventing major wildlife harm, despite the reserve’s well-known worry of manpower crunch hitting epidemic proportions.

Tiger count rises in Dudwa.

The roar of the tiger is getting louder at the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, with the recent census revealing a rise in tiger population by eight to 10 % in its core area. 

The last census, held in 2010, had indicated about 80 tigers in the core area of the reserve — which includes the Kishenpur Wildlife Sanctuary and parts of the Dudhwa National Park. As many as 112 tigers were counted last time in the entire range that included Katarniaghat, Kishenpur, Pilibhit, North and South Kheri along with the core area of Dudhwa.

DNA evidence helps convict tiger poachers in India

An Indian court has sentenced three tiger poachers to five years in prison in what has been called the fastest conviction of its kind in that country.Authorities arrested the poachers in March 2013 on suspicion of killing a tiger at Melghat Tiger Reserve, one of the oldest and most important tiger parks in India. Police collected fingernail clippings from the men arrested, and subsequent DNA tests revealed that the blood and flesh under their nails matched that of the tigers found at the scene of the crime. See link below to read the report:-

Setback for tigers at Tadoba with village relocation stalled.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) package consists of Rs10 lakh per family and each family includes members above 18 years of age. "We cannot go out of the way and pay from our pockets. Nor there is any provision for jobs. Such weird demands are unacceptable," says field director of Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) GP Garad.  See link below for the report in The Times of India.

Tigers thrown off of truck during police chase in Central Vietnam

Police in the north-central province of Nghe An on Friday handed over two Indochinese tigers, which were thrown off a truck on a national highway during a police chase, to a wildlife rescue center.

At around 8:30 p.m. traffic police signaled to stop the truck on the National Highway 1A’s section through Quynh Luu District for inspection as they found it “suspicious.”
But the truck driver ignored the order and sped up to flee.
A team of police officers chased after the truck.
When the truck arrived at a small road, the driver made a sharp turn to enter the road, while at the same time throwing two anesthetized Indochinese tigers on the ground.
The officers picked up the two animals, which were tied up, and the truck fled the scene.