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Tiger News

Dreaded tiger poacher Ajit's bail rejected

NAGPUR: Close on the heels of Nagpur bench of Bombay high court cancelling the bail of tiger skin and body parts trader Suraj Pal alias Chacha, additional district and sessions judge on Thursday rejected the bail of poacher Ajit Chhiyalal Rajgond.  In the meanwhile, Raslal, another poacher belonging to the Baheliya community from Katni in MP, was remanded to custody till December 26. He was brought from Satara on Thursday morning on a warrant and produced before chief judicial magistrate (CJM) AC Raut.  See link below to read the report in The Times of India.

Centre asks Tamil Nadu to probe tiger deaths

CHENNAI: With tiger deaths on the rise in Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttarakhand, the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), a statutory body under the Union ministry of environment and forests, has directed them to investigate every case thoroughly and determine cause of death.  After MP, Tamil Nadu tops with 12 out of 58 deaths reported, all in the Western Ghats in Mudumalai, Sathyamangalam and Anamalai reserves this year. MP reported 14 deaths, while Uttarakhand stands third with seven cases. While the directive was issued a week ago, TN forest officials are yet to collate details. The NTCA website says "cases are under investigation" or "details awaited". To read the report please follow the link below to The Times of India.

Tiger conservation forces leopards into human territory

There are a mere 3,000 tigers left in the entire world, but while conservationists scramble to save this endangered animal, they are leaving leopards to fend for themselves, forcing them into human territory where they are more at risk, according to new research.  Please follow link below to read the report in Nature World News.

Russia plans overall tiger census

An overall census of Siberian tigers will be conducted in Russia in early 2015 to outline tiger conservation measures, the Ministry of Natural Resources said on Wednesday.  The two-week census scheduled to start on January 26 will involve some 2,000 environmentalists who will measure and identify tiger tracks, the ministry said. Please follow link below to read the story in the Russia and India report.

Poaching for the Chinese market drives tigers to the brink

Poaching for the Chinese market drives tigers to the brink

Tiger Deaths Increase Inside Protected Areas

Inflamed By Poaching, Record-High Tiger Deaths Reported In India

What You Don't Know About the Tiger Trade Is Killing Them 

Tiger Poaching On The Rise With 73 Established Trade Hubs In India

Forest Dept Tries To Explain Away Missing Tigers

Malayan Tiger 'Critically Endangered'

These are just a few of this fall's tiger headlines. It's been a barrage of bad news. 

Legions of dedicated individuals are deep in the fight to save this majestic creature, the largest of the world's cats. It's an animal that faces myriad threats, as all carnivores do, but one factor is largely responsible for their current slide: poaching, driven by the Chinese demand for tiger products. Read this down to earth report on the current state of the tiger by following this link to Huff Post.

Tigers in India are dying in record numbers

As the government prepares to release the latest assessment of the tiger population in the country, there is bad news for the big cat. At least 274 tigers have died in the last four years, Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said in response to a question in the Parliament on November 26. This figure is the highest for any given period between two assessment cycles.  Of this number, only 82 tigers died due to natural reasons. More than 70 per cent of tiger deaths were due to poaching or reasons that forest departments have not been able to establish yet.

According to the 2010 census, India had approximately 1,706 tigers (between the lower limit of 1,520 and upper limit of 1,909). Between 2006 and 2010, around 180 tigers were reported to have died. From 2002 to 2006, 105 tigers had died, while 146 tigers were reported dead between 1998 and 2002.  See link below to read the report in Down to Earth

Is Pilibhit going the same way as Sariska?

Wildlife activists are worried - even before the Pilibhit reserve could become a full-fledged reserve, the tiger population has begun to shrink. Authorities are unable to offer a plausible explanation for what is causing the decline in the number of tigers. Please follow link below to read the story in the Times of India.

Machali goes blind in one eye possibly due to infighting

Machali goes blind in one eye possibly due to infighting

Sources said that Machli who is now over 17 years old, at least 3-4 years more than the average life of a tiger, is not entering the park's core area for the past few months. "She has left her territory and is currently seen in Amba Ghati on the park's periphery. Amba Ghati has been known for providing shelter to old tigers and tigresses in the past too," said an officer.  See link below to read the reort in The Times of India.

Siberian tiger released by President Putin 'raids Chinese farms'.

A Siberian tiger, released into the wild by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has apparently been killing animals on a Chinese farm.  The animal is thought to have bitten and killed 15 goats in a farm in north-eastern China and left another three missing.  See link below to read the report on the BBC News.

Special corridors mooted for tiger movement

HYDERABAD: Can you imagine tigers from Telangana’s forests roaming freely into the tiger reserve areas of Maharashtra and tigers from there are coming into our state’s forest areas without any trouble?  It is possible, says Telangana State Forest Department officials. Follow link below to read the report in The Indian Express.