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Machali give her the respect and dignity she deserves

Machali give her the respect and dignity she deserves

There is a proposal sent for approval to the National Tiger Conservation Authority in India for Ranthambhore's well known tigress 'Machali' to be stuffed and displayed for visitors to see upon her demise. I have prepared a petition requesting the authority to disallow this course of action. In my opinion when the sad time comes and this wonderful old tigress passes away she should be cremated with the respect and dignity that she well deserves. Please sign this petition and encourage others to do the same. 

Tiger poaching cases shifted to a higher Indian court

In a surprise move, the two sensitive tiger poaching cases being heard by judicial magistrate first class (JMFC) DS Parwani were on Thursday shifted to the court of chief judicial magistrate (CJM). Though immediate reason to shift the cases to a higher court was not known, legal experts say the JMFC has power to sentence poachers for three years but the CJM can sentence them to seven years if found guilty under the Wildlife Protection Act. According to sources, Parwani himself on September 4, through a letter requested principal district and sessions judge KK Sonawane to shift the cases. Accordingly, the two tiger poaching cases in which at least 30 organized poachers and their harbourers were arrested, have been now shifted to the court of AC Raut, chief judicial magistrate (CJM). The CJM will hear the matter on September 17. See link below to the report in The Times of India.

An alarming dip in tiger numbers

A day after TOI reported about wildlife wing not supplying data under RTI Act about tiger numbers in the state sanctuaries and national parks, the reason for reluctance on part of officials became clear. Information supplied to another RTI activist Abhay Kolarkar on Friday is a wake up call for Melghat, Navegaon-Nagzira and Bor tiger reserves where tiger numbers seem to have plummeted.  Eight years ago, forest department figures claimed to have 76 tigers in Melghat. In 2013, it is down by more than half. TOI has already reported the latest (2014) estimation figures that show Tadoba tiger numbers rising by 10 to 60 and Pench going up by 4 to 23. In 2013, as per RTI, there were 50 tigers in Tadoba and 19 in Pench-Mansinghdeo. In Sahyadri tiger reserve in Western Maharashtra, there were 21 tigers in 2010. Alarmingly, in 2013 only five have been recorded. See link below to read the report in The Times of India

Stung by the Supreme Court the Indian Government will reconstitute the National Board of Wildlife

Stung by Supreme Court's criticism for prima facie violating the law in constituting the National Board for Wildlife (NBWL), the NDA Government has decided to reconstitute the board with full civil society members and sources said, "it would be done within this week itself".  Prime minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government in July 2014 had constituted NBWL and nominated only one NGO -- Gujarat Ecological Education and Research Foundation -- and two experts – Professor Raman Sukumar and Dr HS Singh -- against the required number of five NGOs and ten eminent conservationists, ecologists and environmentalists. The government also appointed only five states against the requirement of one representative each from 10 states and union territories. See link below to read the story in DNA.

Tiger deaths rise steeply in India

Tiger mortality is increasing at an alarming rate across the country with three tiger killings reported this year at the Nagarjunasagar Srisa-ilam Tiger Reserve (NSTR) that falls in AP and Telangana.  In the last eight months at least 49 tigers were killed and eight tiger skins were seized against 68 last year. Wildlife experts said that poaching has increased due to lack of surveillance in AP and Telangana post split. Other southern states like TN and Karnataka also reported more killings than northern ones except MP. Most of the cases are still under investigation and culprits have not been caught yet.Last January 23 a tiger was poached in the Telangana NSTR. Police arrested the culprit and are in the process of filing the charge sheet. In August 23 two tiger skins were seized in the AP  NSTR. Please follow the link below to read the report in the Deccan Chronicle.

Two Chief Ministers sign the Tiger Agenda

Chief Ministers of Madhya Pradesh & Uttarakhand Sign the Tiger Agenda Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand are two of the most crucial tiger states in the country. Vikram Chandra, Group CEO, NDTV hosts this special episode on the tiger agenda. Madhya Pradesh known as the tiger land of India has some of the most important and populated tiger reserves in the country including Pench, Kanha, Panna, Satpura and Bandhavgarh. However, there are a lot of issues in this state in the central Indian landscape, ranging from rising man-animal conflict issues, relocation to controversial subjects such as the widening of the NH 7 National Highway, the joining of the Ken and Betwa rivers which is said to submerge 90 Sq KM of the Panna Tiger Reserve and the experimental start to Night Safaris in Pench.  Follow the link below to the signing of the Tiger Agenda.

Encouraging increase in tiger numbers at Tadoba-Andhari

The abstracts of the report were discussed at a two-day internal research seminar by WII from August 18-20. The study is part of the six-year mega project (2013-2018) launched with funding from Maharashtra forest department and National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA).  Follow link below to read the report in The Times of India.

Tiger tracking system soon to launched to combat poaching

With poaching being the largest threat to tigers, a specialised tracking system will soon be launched in the country's 47 tiger reserves to curb wildlife crimes, Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said today.  The Management Information System (MIS) based tiger tracking system will enable real-time exchange of information and data between officials of the tiger reserves in case there are incidents of seizures, poaching and other wildlife crimes. Please follow link below to read the report in The Business Standard.

Scientists find surprising connections between isolated tiger populations in Central India

In May 2011, a young male Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) made its way to a village in the state of Karnataka in India. The tiger had been quite a hiker. To reach the village, it had walked more than 280 kilometers (174 miles) from Bandipur Tiger Reserve, a protected area famous for these elusive big cats. Understanding where the tiger had begun its marathon had not been very difficult. Once it was caught in the village by the forest department staff, a team of wildlife scientists matched its unique fingerprint-like stripe pattern with the stripe patterns of all tigers in their voluminous camera-trap photo-database. They soon found a match. The tiger was last “seen” by a camera in Bandipur in February 2010. Read more by following this link to

Problematic tiger shot dead ahead of elections

Police sharp shooters shot dead a problematic sub-adult (less than 3-year old) tiger in Chichpalli range of FDCM with AK47 rifles on Tuesday. Conservationists say the shooting was ordered by the state forest chief under political pressure with both, the Congress and BJP, trying to 'make a killing' ahead of state assembly elections in October.  The killing brought some relief to the people of Pombhurna village and its surroundings where seven people had been mauled to death by tigers in six months. But there are doubts if the right tiger was shot.  See link below to read the story in The Times of India.