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Tiger Photography - Tigers in the Forest

Michael Vickers is a  wildlife photographer and conservationist  who has a particular passion for tigers and travels regularly to India to photograph and search for them in their natural environment. Some of Michael’s photographs have appeared in The BBC Wildlife Magazine and in literature produced by The Born Free Foundation, Care for the Wild International, The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, The Environmental Investigation Agency and The Wildlife Protectection Society of India.  You will see above a small selection of Michael’s photographs taken at some of India’s National Parks.

All  tiger photographs  (Panthera tigris tigris) that can be viewed in the gallery portfolio were taken in the wild and NOT in a captive environment. There are a large range of tiger photos plus wildlife from other countries that Michael has visited to browse.

This year 2020 the BBC showed a hard hitting programme entitled 'Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers' which depicts the cruel exploitation that many of these magnificent animals have to suffer and can be seen by following this link:-

Below is a short video of a tigress together with her cubs that I filmed at Tadoba tiger reserve in May 2016.


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