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  • 'Machali' and cubs (Panthera tigris tigris) at Nalgatti
  • Noor T.39 at water hole
  • Playful siblings
  • Krishna with playful cub in water
  • Sonam and cubs in pool
  • T.19 with 2 cubs in lake
  • Sonam & cubs at Tadoba
  • Sultan on wall
  • Krishna & 3 cubs in pool
  • 3991 Jhurjura tigress and cubs splash cascade
  • T.24 relaxing in April 2014
  • Krishna and cubs
  • Elephant family
  • Two of T.19's cubs in the Rajbagh
  • Leopard
  • One horned Rhino
  • Krishna sub-adult T.84 cub watching peacock
  • 0726. Chakradhara boys
  • Sloth Bear
  • B2 of Bandhavgarh
  • Dhole at Pench
  • B2 fighting for kill with his male cub.
  • 3400. T.24 amongst lilies in pool.
  • Krishna (Panthera tigris tigris) leading her three cubs
  • 5697. Young Jhurjhura tigress in meadow.
  • 0173. T.30 with her 2 cubs
  • Machali with cub in June 2007
  • 4984. Young Ranthambhore male tiger in pool.
  • 3867. Large Ranthambhore male tiger seen in 2005.
  • Siddhababa cubs
  • T17 of Ranthambhore
  • Sultan & Noor
  • cubs
  • Berda family
  • B2 resting
  • Tigress with sub adult male
  • Machali & Star male
  • Jhurjhura family
  • Machali & cubs at lake
  • Playful cubs
  • Kanha Tigress
  • Young Jhurjhura tigress drinking.
  • 4634. Tigress T.39 with kill.
  • Stalking tigress
  • Cubs at Bandhavgarh

Photo of the month

Tigress Choti Madhu giving chase to my jeep.

Tiger Photography - Tigers in the Forest

Michael Vickers is a wildlife photographer and conservationist  who has a particular passion for tigers and travels regularly to India to photograph and search for them in their natural environment. Some of Michael’s photographs have appeared in The BBC Wildlife Magazine and in literature produced by The Born Free Foundation, Care for the Wild International, The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, The Environmental Investigation Agency and The Wildlife Protectection Society of India.  You will see above a small selection of Michael’s photographs taken at some of India’s National Parks.

All tiger photographs (Panthera tigris tigris) that can be viewed in the gallery portfolio were taken in the wild and NOT in a captive environment. There are a large range of tiger photos to browse.

During 2010 ‘The year of the Tiger’ the BBC showed some most interesting videos and other information on the tiger which can be seen by following this   LINK

Below is a short video of a tigress together with her cubs that I filmed at Tadoba tiger reserve in May 2016.


Latest Wildlife News

Two tigers have died of suspected poisoning at the end of 2018 on the periphery of Umred ...

The Chandrapur Forest Dept. has requested new underpasses and the clearing of existing b ...

Time is running out for the Malayan tigers in the wild.  Unless conservation effort ...

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