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A win win situation for tigers and villagers

Chandekar Keshav, a farmer from Bela mandal, has done everything he could to prevent marauding wild boars from damaging his crop year after year. His eyes lit up when he was told that tigers can do the trick for troubled farmers without posing any danger to human life if the habitat was made safe for wild animals.  Villagers are generally aware of the need for tigers or other wild animals to survive in the forest, but they are not aware that the ferocious big cats can actually be their saviours. “Yes, wild boars do not venture within a radius of 10 km of a tiger,” the FDO affirmed. “After the arrival of tigers in our division, especially in Penchikalpet and Bejjur forests, the wild pig menace is under control,” Mr. Reddy claimed. “The number of cattle kills has also decreased in the last few months as tigers are able to access sufficient food in the forest,” he explained.  More on this interesting report can be read by following the link below.