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An important tiger corridor in danger of being lost to mining.

Manganese Ore India has sought diversion of 24.37 hectares of an important protected tiger reserve forest corridor at Pench-Nagzira tiger reserve for the purpose of manganese mining.  Initially the Ore company are seeking permission to drill 39 bore holes in 2.18 hectares of forest land and if the presence of ore is found then the land diversion will be sought.  The forest area concerned is known as the Bawanthadi forest block and is one of the important links amongst the protected aras of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.  Apart from breeding big cats the corridor allows gene flow and movement of dispersing animals between Pench and Nagzira tiger reserves. Tiger conservationists and others have place considerable importance in recent years regarding contiguous forest land between the protected areas for tigers. There is a danger of tiger reserves being isolated from each other and therefore the tiger gene pool being diluted and the future of the tiger becoming more at risk.  More on this subject can be found by following the link to The Times of india.