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Tiger News

Orders given out to shoot problem tigress

According to sources, CWLW gave a green signal late evening after a committee headed by Tadoba field director and six other local members including officials concerned, NGOs and a sarpanch sought formal permission to shoot the tigress. The committee was set up as per 

A very worrying trend of tiger deaths

 were recorded in Karnataka last year, the second highest in the country after Madhya Pradesh (30), according to data of the state forest department. ...

Maharashtra human wildlife conflict becomes inevitable

From crop depredation by herbivores in Vidarbha to the rampaging herds of wild elephants in Konkan to the rising leopard presence in parts of Pune and Ahmednagar, the conflict between urbanisation and natural habitats of animals is coming to a head.  A sad but inevitable story of human/wildlife conflict. Please follow the link below to read the story in Daily News and Analysis. ...