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Tiger News

Controversial policy could spur tiger trade in China

In China, around 6,000 captive tigers are raised on “farms,” often under inhumane conditions, and their pelts sold for hefty sums in a poorly regulated market upheld through legal loopholes by the Chinese government. Breeding tigers on these farms is legal, but sale of their parts is not — something that may be about to change. Long used in Chinese medicine, tiger products are now a status purchase for China’s wealthiest and most powerful. Collectors stockpile tige ...

New tiger reserve being considered by Odisha government

He said seven Forest divisions of the state have now 40 Royal Bengal Tigers, including 13 male, 24 female and three cubs. While Similipal division has the highest number of 26 Royal Bengal tigers including 9 male, 14 female and three cubs and the Sundergarh Forest Division has only one female tiger.  See link below to read the report in Web India 123. ...

Orders given out to shoot problem tigress

According to sources, CWLW gave a green signal late evening after a committee headed by Tadoba field director and six other local members including officials concerned, NGOs and a sarpanch sought formal permission to shoot the tigress. The committee was set up as per 

A very worrying trend of tiger deaths

 were recorded in Karnataka last year, the second highest in the country after Madhya Pradesh (30), according to data of the state forest department. ...