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Exactly 3 years since Ustad was cruelly taken from his forest home to a zoo

In my opinion a terrible injustice was carried out at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve three years ago today when an adult male tiger known as Ustad (T24) was tranquilized and then carted off in a truck on a long drive in the heat of the day to Udaipur zoo where he remains today. The reason for Ustad’s removal from his natal home was that he was accused of killing a forest guard not far from the entrance to the park.  Much has since been said and written about what happened but there were no witnesses to the death of the guard although both Ustad and one of his male offspring known as Sultan (T72) were both seen nearby the body.  Some people have called Ustad a ‘man-eater’ but that is something I can never accept.  Part of his home range included the long winding road leading from the entrance to the park to the old fort where each year many thousands of pilgrims walk to pray at the Ganesh temple. Surely easy pickings for any ‘man-eater’? No reports were ever received that Ustad attempted to stalk and/or attack any of these people.  In the circumstance I think that there must have been an ulterior motive for the removal of this magnificent tiger from his forest home where he and the tigress known as Noor and their two cubs lived.  More on Ustad can be found by following this link: