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Increased threat of tiger poaching due to lockdown

An extract of an article written by world renowned tiger authority Dr.K.Ullas Karanth on the increased danger to tigers and other wildlife due to the present lockdown.  "However, I do believe from the perspective of wild tiger conservation in India, that the issue is being blown out of proportion in the media although this may be out of genuine concern. Although I am not a specialist in viral transmission, it is well known that coronaviruses do affect other mammal species and transmission across species, including from and to humans are well-known and recorded. This specific virus is known to affect domestic cats and it is no surprise tigers can get it too. In some of the best tiger habitats in the Western Ghats, there appears to be a surge in local poaching, with hunting of tiger’s prey species ratcheting up, because patrol intensity and protection have declined under the early instructions under the lockdown". More on this most interesting article can be seen by following the link below.