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My wonderful 7 day visit in October 2013 to The Pantanal and 3 days at Iguassu Falls

My seven day visit to The Pantanal and a subsequent three days at the Iguassu Falls was amazing. At The Pantanal I was lucky to see the rare and endangerd Jaguar each day and on one day my small group saw three different Jaguars. During our visit our small boat stopped along the river at the headquarters of Panthera where we met two senior members of staff who gave us an insight into the important conservation work that they are carrying out in helping to save the Jaguar from this region of Brazil.  Since their work commenced they have fitted radio collars to seven Jaguars which will help in there task of monitoring the big cats movements and behaviour patterns.  On our last day at The Pantanal our boat followed a large male Jaguar along the edge of the river until there was a huge splash in the water as the Jaguar launched itself onto the back of a very large Caiman where a fight ensued until the Jaguar made the killing bite into the Caiman's skull. A tasty meal for 2/3 days!  Photographs of the kill and other pictures from this visit can be seen by following this LINK to the  Gallery section.