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Return to Ranthambhore

During May/June of 2014 I returned to Ranthambhore. Whenever I enter the park, I always hope to see 'Machali' arguably the most well known tiger in India. I was not to be disappointed - on the third day she appeared in Kachida Valley from her forest cover to visit a water hole.  Now, at almost seventeen years old, I thought she looked remarkably well even though she has lost her four canine teeth! After quenching her thirst, she sat on the bank overlooking the waterhole and stared directly at my vehicle. This year I have been particularly concerned about this elderly tigress. I have been informed previously that on her death it is the intention of the authorities to have her body taken to a taxidermist - she would then be displayed in the local museum.  However, there is talk that this ill thought out idea maybe abandoned as when the time comes I hope that she will be given the respect that she deserves and be cremated. I intend to return to Ranthambhore in October when I hope that 'Machali' will have survived the monsoon.  During my recent stay I also saw a number of other tigers in the park including 'Ustad', T24; he was enoying the 'lions share' of a kill made by the tigress known as 'Noor' or T39.  I also saw her sub-adult male cub known as 'Sultan' from her first litter.  'Noor' now has two cubs from a second litter while 'Krishna', also known as T19 whose home range is in the area of the lakes, has three cubs from her second litter. I look forward to catching up with the tigers I have come to know during my next visit.