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Special tiger reserves to be created in MP.

In a first of its kind move, Madhya Pradesh forest department is planning to develop ‘special tiger reserves’ to house the big cats captured in the forest and held in captivity in the zoos for various reasons, to ease pressure of tourism on the tiger reserves in the state.  The tigers identified to be released in the proposed ‘special tiger reserves’ included the big cats which have a history of killing human beings, called in common parlance as ‘man-eaters’, a senior forest oficer said on Monday.  "The basic idea of developing ‘special tiger reserve’ is to ease pressure of tourism in the core areas of the tiger reserves in the state. It has been noticed that tourists venture into core areas of tiger reserves for tiger sighting, putting pressure on the wild animal and the ecosystem. Development of special tiger safaris will shift the pressure of tourism from core areas to buffer zones in the tiger reserves", spokesman of state forest department Rajneesh Singh told this newspaper. See link below to read more on this report