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Tiger hit by vehicle on Paoni Deolapar highway

The Paoni Deolapar highway that scrapes by the Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra has pulled the plug on many wild animals ever since it was constructed, with three tigers killed in the last one year on the highway, and one seriously injured on Saturday. Wildlife lovers have blamed the high median barriers on the road for this since they pose a hurdle to the animals crossing the road and hence want the height of the road dividers to be reduced.   Conservation photographer Sarosh Lodhi from the Conservation, Lens and Wildlife (CLaW) group said that there have been recorded cases of tigers moving all the way from Kanha to Pench to Chhindwara and back. "Pench also forms a junction between all major forests of Central India, like Kanha, Umrer Karandhla, Nagzira, Tadoba, Satpuda etc. There's constant movement of wild animals on this road. In a span of 430 days last year, across the 9.2-km stretch of the 40-km highway in Maharashtra, there have been 1,035 road kills," Lodhi said.  More on this report can be seen by following the link below.