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Tiger walked over 300km in search of a home range.

The tiger that trekked 300 km over two years to reach Gujarat-the second longest recorded dispersal-is from Ratapani wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh, only about 50 km from Bhopal!   A comparison of stripes from photographs taken during its journey prove its from MP say wildlife officials. 'This is our tiger. We have matched the images' said Ujjain chief conservator of forests, B S Annigiri. 'We were tracking it till it was out of our jurisdiction. Now it has reached Gujarat they will take care of it.  After all, animals have no borders' he added. Wildlife officers and environmentalists in MP are stunned at how the big cat crossed densely populated regions without any conflict with humans, unlike the tiger that walked to MP from Maharashtra killing two people on the way.  More on this fascinating story can be read by following the link below.