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Tragedy of Tigress T.1 finally shot dead

Tigress Avni, a six-year-old mother-of-two, was killed by an unauthorised hunter in a highly controversial operation in Maharashtra last week.  The autopsy of tigress Avni has yielded clear evidence of foul play, sources in the Maharashtra government have told ThePrint.   The autopsy report, which is yet to be released by the state forest department, shows that the tigress was shot in her shoulder, with the bullet then tracing a path through her ribs to come out through the other shoulder, sources said.  If true, the finding would fly in the face of claims made by the forest department that the tigress was shot in self-defence, after an attempt to dart her with sedatives led her to charge at the team.  “The forensics clearly show that the tigress was not charging at the team, but instead going somewhere else,” a state government official told ThePrint. “If she was charging at the team, she would have been shot in her face or chest, not her shoulder.”  The 6 year old tigress leaves behind her 2 x 10 month old cubs whose survival without their mother is unlikely. More on this apalling course of action can be read by following the link below.