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UK based NGO causes bad feeling in India.

Hundreds of guides and drivers at some of India's National Parks are protesting over comments made by a UK based NGO regarding boycotting India's tiger reserves. The NGO (Survival International) is of the opinion that tribal people are being illegally evicted from their forest home.  Tourism in India's forests is a major sourse of revenue and employs over 80,000 people plus many others indirectly involved in tourism. Relocation of villages from tiger reserves is strictly controlled and adheres to the Supreme Court orders with nobody being forced out of their forest home against their own will. Many people living in and around the tiger reserves gladly accept government help to relocate their homes where doctors, hospitals and schools for their chidren can be found. The comments made by the NGO do not appear to have any foundation and in my opinion should not have been made. More on this story can be found by following the link below to the Business Standard.