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Lynne Masson on 12th December 2018
Amazing photos, you could actually feel as if you were there with them, beautiful.
Clare on 18th October 2018
So nice to see a site dedicated to the conservation of tigers. Your photos are stunning Michael. I have really enjoyed going through the gallery and reading about your experiences with tigers.
Anastasia Mazepina on 5th October 2018
Hi Michael, I want to thank you for this great work you are doing. Thank you for capturing beauty of the wild life and possibility to read good news. I'm trying to remember all the time, that we all have our small and big problems but sometimes we are the problems for other living in this planet. It we who are dealing wild life. Not only one who kill involved in this crime but the one whou buy. I believe one day this awful black market will be closed. Forever.
Nita Smith on 27th September 2018
Michael, I love this website and your beautiful photos. I know when I come on here you give the best up to date news than any of the others and your passion for the Tigers is heartwarming . I look forward to your up to date news about what's going on.
Hazel Barnes on 24th September 2018
Mike, your passion and amazing knowledge of the tigers you showed to us made your presentation to our group very special. Many of our group were captivated by the photography and the incredible detail revealed to us as you shared the life of your ‘big cats’ . Thank you for a truly excellent presentation.
Eustace Dsa on 21st September 2018
Dear Mike, Great Site Here. You are truly a Tiger Conservationist Par Excellence. Keep Up the Good Work. The Tigers and Their Families in India need you now more than ever. As, I had mentioned to you on your Twitter Handle that there are supposed to be Tigers lurking around in some Dense Forest Areas on the Maharashtra - Goa Border. No Research has been done on them so far or where they have come from. Only Time Will tell us whether they are a Breeding Population.
Ishan Sharma on 24th August 2018
This is a great place read and understand about so many landscapes, animals, and conservation topics. I am hooked
Camilla Malvestiti on 18th July 2018
Beautiful work that I've discovered through the NGO Tiger Tiger / David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. It's important to raise awareness for tigers, everybody loves this iconica animal but only a few know how endangered it it. Keep up the good work ! Camilla from
Vicki Parker on 18th May 2018
USTAD (T24). After 3 years of unjustifiable imprisonment, there is still no news of release of Ustad from Udaipur's Sajjangarth Biological Park. Having recently returned from India, it is disturbing to know that there is also no visible sign of Ustad at the Park. Ustad is kept away from view of all visitors and one has to wonder where he actually is and if even he is still alive. " May "Karma" bring justice to all those who have been responsible for Ustad's removal from his Kingdom in Ranthambore, for the torment and cruelty he has suffered and for his continual captivity in an enclosure which would be far too small for him!
Greg Harvey on 6th May 2018
Great tiger pictures. Love it!
Kathryn on 27th February 2018
What beautiful Images and such fantastic work.
Neil Treloar on 14th February 2018
Michael, these images are absolutely stunning and it is an honour to say that you and i have passed a few moments at Arundel, your love for these big, beautiful cats is just fantastic! I hope you continue your love and support for these cats. Well done Mike
Carol Wain on 8th February 2018
A superb conservation website with great photos and lots of links. Good up to date info about saving tigers. Brings back memories of my own 2 safari trips to India in 2002 and 2007. Mike has made a great vontribution to saving the toger over the years. Also look out for "#TigerMike" on Twitter.
Peter Lawton. Founder, Global Tiger on 22nd January 2018
Creating such awareness can only but help keystone species such as the iconic tiger, its habitat and its plight. The survival of hundreds of millions actually depends upon its protection, and the habitat it so desperately needs us to protect.
Prageet on 4th December 2017
Really nice work... Keep it up...
Valerie on 3rd December 2017
Tigers are my heart. Your webpage is wonderful. So many stunning photos. It was also nice to see Ustad again. I hate what happened to him. You are so fortunate to view them in person. What I wouldn't give to see one like this before I die. Thank you for bringing me there with your photos
Chris Rodgers on 2nd December 2017
Excellent photographs by a true friend of wild tigers. Keep up the good work.
Gloria Ayme Sires on 28th November 2017
Hi Michael your pictures are amazing. Thank you for what you do for these wonderful and precious animals.
Helen Turner on 27th October 2017
Michael You have some stunning pictures on your site. Seeing your photograph of B 2, brought back some happy memories for me, I was fortunate to see him in his last year on one of my trips to Bandhavgarh, a truly iconic tiger, whose picture still brings tears to my eyes.
June Sobiechowski on 2nd October 2017
Hi Michael, just WOW your photos are just amazing, love the shots of the bears amongst the flowers, thank you so much about telling me about this page, I have now bookmarked it, so I can come on and take a look at more of your very beautiful photos of these wonderful wild animals.