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Nita on 21st September 2012
Thanks for the links to Tiger news....else we might have missed the horrific reports of the Tiger temple. This is a great site, specially for the photos! Congratulations!
lovepreet singh on 31st August 2012
O my god great sir, yours photographs are stunning, truely from natural lands of tiger, if i am right, maximum futez are clicked from ranthambore (rajasthan) and marvelous land of rudyard kipling (madhya pradesh,,kanha and bandhavgarh) . giant thanks for you for assisting india to save its national pride,, keep up your great work sir.
john van der Dol on 5th August 2012
So pleased you are keeping us up to date about the "new rules" situation. Thanks.John
Thomas Vijayan on 16th July 2012
Great Pictures and Thank you for all the work you are doing. Keep it going Sir.
Natalia Lamanda on 16th July 2012
Amazing.. Great picture and great website. Wildlife is my passion..
Jacqueline Deely on 14th July 2012
I have never seen such amazing tiger images as I see here. Really stunning! I hope this beautiful creature survives the many challenges it faces on our ever changing planet.
Ingrid Cattley on 13th July 2012
Great website!
Prasad.P on 9th July 2012
We have to save this beautiful animal in our wild. Hats off to all the team members in Save the tigers group.
Sherlin Sharma on 8th July 2012
Beautiful photos..Hope this gets us to realize that how necessary it has become to save this predators. Best wishes for the work ahead & keep posting! :-)
Nita on 19th June 2012
So glad you had such a successful trip to Ranthambore...great photos, as always! Thanks for sharing and giving us the joy of seeing these majestic cats!
Russell on 4th June 2012
Great shots of the tigers from yout latest visit. Pity that you did not get one of Machali, but it is reassuring to know that she is still around. How can she be possibly managing without any canines?. has T17 had her first litter of cubs yet?
JOY CHANDRAN on 31st May 2012
WOW all photos are LOVELY WOWWWWW,I would like to join your group
Samit Mathur on 25th April 2012
we now have more or less 100% awareness about the importance of tigers in Indian forests & woods. It is all because of local as well as international conservationists working and trying to save them. Tiger is more of an icon..... it represents the tough fight ahead & also our strong resolution to fight against deforestation, poachers & people involved in destroying the habitat.... Together we will!!!!!!
Mica Webb on 24th April 2012
What lovely photographs of the tigers in there natural surrounding,you must feel so privileged to glimpse into the tigers world..
Marguerite White on 24th April 2012
Wonderful creatures tigers are,it is such a great misery to me the way they are persecuted,so glad you capture the beauty of them in different poses,thankyou for being there for the tigers.
Sergej Draskovic on 18th April 2012
Your work is really great! These are one of the most beautiful wildlife photos I've ever seen!
Alessandra Ramos on 8th April 2012
Your work is amazing! People like you deserve all the respect and admiration. This work is very important!
kaushlendra singh on 6th April 2012
i always say that people who have no tigers in their wild are more interested and devoted towards tiger conservation,all of you do wonderful work,amazing tiger pictures you produce, i personally that you all for doing wonders,
Crystal Kim on 24th March 2012
Beautiful photos of majestic tigers. It would be such a shame to lose them. We need to protect and cherish these magnificent animals.
MAMADY NJIE on 23rd March 2012
interesting and educative website-keep on the good work.