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Guest Book

Nita Mukherjee on 20th March 2012
Excellent photos (as always!) from Bandhavgarh and Kanha! Hope you have another trip to India soon!
Suchandra Das on 18th March 2012
Hi Michael, Am really excited after visiting your Bandhabgarh collection. Its awesome. I know that place because I have been there. Amazing collection you have.
Judith Cavey on 12th March 2012
Felt in need of a 'tiger fix' and could think of nothing better than your wonderful photographs! Always a joy to see. You really are a great ambassador for tigers, Michael.
Russell on 3rd March 2012
With all these tiger breeding programs by well meaning zoos and conservationists around the world, someone please tell me are zoo bred animals being sent to tiger reserves to help boost the populations in the wild ?
Lena on 28th January 2012
stunning photos. i was in bandhavgarh in feb 2011 and it rained non stop. only got to see tigers on 2 days we were there. your photos are way better :-)
Nikki on 14th January 2012
Brilliant pictures and information. My most favourite animal in the world.
Aline Dobbie on 27th December 2011
Michael this website is an inspiration and the Tigers of India have a good friend in you; we all have to keep trying.
Nita on 27th December 2011
Wonderful tribute to a majestic tiger! Great idea to have a separate section for the photos of B2.
Ivana on 19th December 2011
Beautiful animals, amazing photos! So sad that we are on the verge of losing them in the wild! :(
Ravi charandas on 18th December 2011
I am feel goodness to see this incredible wildlife authentic natural habitat photography of Tiger. All kinds of expressions, possition of tiger is just incredible.
Russell on 16th December 2011
A very fitting tribute to a great tiger. May his legend live on with all future generations of Bandhavgarh tigers!
Judith Cavey on 16th December 2011
Your words and photographs in memory of B2 Michael are wonderful. I have to keep logging in to see this fantastic tiger again, and again! To have seen him in the wild is a day I shall never forget.
Nita Mukherjee on 2nd December 2011
Lovely tribute to and photo of B2--you have truly done justice to his beauty and majesty.
Russell on 2nd December 2011
So sad to hear the tragic news of B2. His legacy will live on with his descendants. He truly was King of Bandhavgarh. Hope Machali, the Queen of Ranthambhore will continue to live on for a few more years.
amanda glossop on 28th November 2011
These magnificent cats are so wonderful.
Syna Tiger Resort on 28th November 2011
We understand that your Safari began with B2...B2 is no more but that should not stop you from coming to B2's home - Bandhavgarh. Please be our guest during your next visit.
Nita on 24th November 2011
Gorgeous autumn colors in the US photos--breathtaking!
Siva Baskaran on 22nd November 2011
Hi, Saw your note on B2. Sad to see a legend passing away. Happy that he was born, lived & died as a wild Tiger. By allowing us to watch him in the last 14 years, he has also taught us about Tigers and their conservation. Long live his glory.
Sarkar subrata on 20th November 2011
Appreciable work done.
Martin Pedwell on 1st November 2011
Michael, Wonderful website, you have taken some of the most beautiful pictures of Tigers I have ever seen. You continue to be a inspiration to budding wildlife photographers and passionate tiger conservationists. Thank You