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Theresa Blanchard on 1st August 2010
Hi Michael. Beautiful website and photography. Thanks for being an advocate for our animal kingdom. I am very grateful for people like you!
Russell on 31st July 2010
Hi Michael. Love the new format of your websight, particularly your Safari Reports. It's great to go back over some of the great photos of the tigers.I am still concerned over the death of the Jhurjura tigress, and hope that the perpetrators of this crime will get their just desserts. . Russell
David Miles on 27th July 2010
Hi Mike - love the site and your photos - we met with you in Bandhavgarh during late May 2010, my wife was the one who caught the Sloth Bears on her camera - unfortunately just after the "incident", we got some amazing photos whilst we were there and now have plans to return again in 2011 and 2012 - hope to see you there - ps - I have written to the authorities regarding the incident and hope for a reply
Franklin Joel on 26th July 2010
Really amazing pictures,Its a honor to get a friend like you Sir.Michael
Sarang Mahajan on 20th July 2010
Exceptional pictures, Sir. I have just arrived at this website. Would love to spend more time, and come again and again for the updates. You are doing great work in Tiger Conservation.
Judith Cavey on 14th July 2010
Wonderful photographs, B2's big boy cubs adorable! Thank you for sharing your fantastic pictures and I wish you every success with the appeal for the Jhurjhura Tigress and the safety of her little cubs.
Kaz on 29th June 2010
I wish I had the chance to witness these beautiful animals as you have, but I can only dream. I'd hate to see the tiger become extinct through such mindless and cruel people.. it makes me so upset and very angry that people are still willing to hunt these graceful,majestical creatures. It's been a pleasure to browse the photos you have taken! keep up the good work !
Aqeel Farooqi on 15th May 2010
Hi Michael. Your email brought me here. This website is a revelation of your intense passion and love for the tiger. My congratulations and best wishes for the work that you do...
Tigerlady Flores on 15th May 2010
Absolutely fabulous photos! Your are blessed to witness such beauty, this animal truely deserves to live free, without reserves as this, extinction is inevitable!
Aline Dobbie on 30th April 2010
This is a truly beautiful site and I congratulate you on it and also your excellent letter to The Times today
ashutosh kadel on 25th April 2010
hi michel sir . me ashutosh kadel your fb friend . iam proud of u and your work .sir i want become conservationist . nowdays iam researching my first book . how is a success?
Harshad Vijay Kulkarni on 25th April 2010
This is really nice activity sir...Thank you for initiating this....Hope this will also contribute to protect remaining 1411 !!!
Anshu on 18th April 2010
Hey Michael looking for more work from You in Bandhavgarh parks also and I'm planning to visit the place as well
Russell Cleur on 14th April 2010
Hi Michael have been waiting for your report on the tigers in India, from your latest visit. Your photo of the goddess Machali was tantalising. a great close up photo. it was also encouraging to learn that your tiger sightings were good. I would love a more detailed report on your trip, but I will wait to see your other photos. Thanks, Russell
Hema Maira on 11th April 2010
Hi Michael, Your photographs are stunning!! I share your passion for tigers and visit Ranthambore regularly. Hope to meet you on one of my trips there. We need to do ALL we can to save this spectacular animal! Thanks for your effort!
Karen Stafford on 8th April 2010
Dear Michael. Had a fleeting meeting at Ranthambore a couple of days ago. (In room above yours - mentioned we had seen the collared female) Well, lucky enough the following day to see the male - what a huge, handsome tiger! Can't wait to see your photos from this 2010 trip and your website is amazing. So pleased you told me about it. Keep up your fantastic work. Karen Stafford
Glynn on 8th April 2010
Fabulous images and your site is so good. Tigers are lucky to have you working towards giving them a future.
hclombs on 23rd March 2010
Extraordinary photos! Well presented in the interest of wildlife
Allison Bigden on 16th March 2010
The tigers are magnificent in your photographs. It will be a terrible day if the only places they exist are in zoos or in photographs such as yours. Your site is a reminder of what we would lose.
Avantika Chandra on 9th March 2010
this is added to the beauty of this magnificent creature by capturing it at its absolute best !!