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Aline Dobbie on 12th December 2016
Delighted to see these wonderful new photos of tigers; Mike has a special way with his photography and is totally dedicated. This all helps with the struggle to help tiger conservation within India and other places. I am committed to tiger conservation.
Balvinder Singh on 23rd September 2016
I really enjoyed looking at all your pictures. They are wonderful. It seems you are very passionate about your wildlife photography as I do. Hope to meet you at some point here in India on one of wildlife adventure and share our experiences.
Veronica Rickard on 23rd September 2016
I am new to your site but not your photography, I was inspired to paint Machali and her cubs after seeing one of your beautiful photographs on another site. It was only this evening watching a wildlife documentary that I suddenly recognised the tigress I had painted and subsequently tracked down this site. Thank you for your work in supporting and documenting these beautiful animals. Veronica
Cecilia Kempe on 16th September 2016
Michael, your portfolio is absolutely amazing! Your beautiful photography is amazing and inspired me to paint! I will keep on checking in to your gallery! Thank you so much for your support. I am very grateful. Sincerely Cecilia
Amy Adams from A Lion's Heart on 10th September 2016
It was great to connect with you on Twitter. Beautiful work and a real tribute to your dedication to such an iconic species. I will continue to follow and check out your gallery regularly. Thanks for the invite!
Ian Redman on 20th August 2016
Hi Mike, Firstly, it was a pleasure to meet you at Warnham yesterday! Secondly, what a fantastic series of images you have here on your website, well worth the travel and time involved in putting this stunning collection together. Such a varied selection of wildlife, but of course the tigers are the star (well also the osprey, bee-eaters, hoopoe..........etc,.etc!). Congratulations on your stunning portfolio. Best wishes and I hope we meet again. Ian
Marietta Cetrangolo on 19th August 2016
Thank you for a beautiful tribute to Machali, a most beautiful creature and soul. The first time I viewed one of her documentaries I became totally enamored with her. With much protection of her progeny her legacy will live on for generations. Machali, God rest your soul and thank you for gracing our lives. If only the dreadful trophy hunters and poachers (the scourge of the earth) could be eliminated the beautiful creatures would not have to struggle just to survive and rear their young. Again, thank you for your tribute and photography. Sincerely, Marietta
Carol Raffi Lido on 8th August 2016
Stunningly beautiful work. Great capture of the natural and the wild. Sheer delight.
jonsia on 17th July 2016
Some of the best tiger photography I've seen, thank you for your work. I cannot imagine a world where they won't exist, let alone in their natural habitat. It's not only an awesome feat saving the tiger, but saving the criminals from their crimes. How can we fight the force of humankind set to wipe them off the face of the earth, and anything else they seek to exploit?
Nita on 2nd July 2016
Leaving a comment after a long time, though I am a fairly regular visitor. Such a joy and stress buster to visit your wonderful site and see the magnificent photos---thank you! I also enjoy reading the accounts. Look forward to many more! All the best.
Erica Martin on 20th April 2016
Magnificent images of creatures that need our help and protection. Absolutely inspiring Michael - thank you for your work!
Patricia Walker on 12th April 2016
Beautiful photographs Michael. I will do some drawings from them. So sad and sickening that there are only 300 wild tigers left and more in captivity. I despair for this planet and the rich wildlife gradually becoming extinct at the hands of uncontrolled and selfish humans. Its good you are shining a light on these majestic animals.
Vince Fontaine on 12th April 2016
Awesome pics!
Rama Balage on 12th April 2016
Stunning work Michael. I do feel blessed that I have seen these tigers in the wild, having come from India myself. Thank you for capturing their beauty in such an artful manner so there are many more people around the world that can join in the conservation efforts and save these beautiful animals from humans. I am a fan of your work :)
Robert Snow on 8th February 2016
I've just sketched one of your amazing photographs of a tiger. It's not as good as your photographs! But I'm pleased enough. Going to move onto another. Please keep the wonderful photographs coming they are a source of inspiration. Magnificent creatures.
Siva Baskaran on 3rd November 2015
Hi Mike, After a very long time, I returned to your website. It's just awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed the pics, layout of the site, your travel reports and the Iconic tiger tab. Great tribute to both Machli and Ustad. All the best and thanks for all your efforts in saving the tiger
Sharon on 30th October 2015
Hi Mike, I'm just on one of my regular visits to your site to check for and enjoy any new photos of Ranthambore tigers, (especially Machali & Krishna & her cubs ) I've noticed your petition for Machali is closed, did you finally get an official response? Also, I found great joy in seeing many of your incredible photos on the newly revamped Panthera site. Best Wishes ~ Speak soon ~ Sharon & Danielle xx
Jeanette Leinweber on 18th September 2015
Your images are simply divine, dear Mike, always getting lost into them and enjoy the love and passion to your models you put in each single photo. This is how to get people attached to what's so precious on this planet. Keep up being gorgeous and being their voice. Thank you for everything you do!
Chloe Williams on 14th September 2015
Dear Mike, Thanks for sharing your magnificent Tiger photographs with us. It is a true delight to see these precious magical animals in the wild enjoying their natural habitat. Thanks also for all you do for the conservation of this incredible species & raising awareness of the issues tigers in the wild face through our beautiful photos. Chloe xx
Sanjeev Singla on 14th September 2015
You been doing great work and really appreciate to see all this. I respect all the hard work and can feel the efforts behind it. Let's get more united and strong by day to fight for each of these majestic cats as every single of them counts for the future of this species.