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saurabh on 30th October 2008
it is privilege for BIG CAT to be clicked so beautifully..its just peerless
Sujith.V.G on 28th October 2008
Hi Michael ,The images that you captured are just Awesome. I hope the beauty of these tigers and their glamour will get more people to help conserve tiger !
Sujith.V.G on 24th October 2008
Awesome work ...please maintain it .
Rachel Valdez on 27th September 2008
Hello Michael, We at Ann Brock Elementary School in Burleson,Texas would like to thank you for allowing us to use 'Machali' these are beautiful animals and your photo has captured great detail. Come see them on own website.. (besure you click on ABOUT and find all the details of "Machali") This beautiful picture will be on our new school building as of December 2008. Thank you again..
Q Ashoka chakkaravarthy, Mphil on 25th September 2008
Realy fantastic job. I wonder about your picture. congradulation. I wish you all the best.
Celia Nicholls, Born Free Foundation on 23rd September 2008
What stunning images! So beautifully lit and composed. Your love for your subject matter shines through with these intimate, affectionate portraits. The Born Free Foundation is delighted to be associated with you Michael and much appreciates your kind support!
Emma and Ella on 22nd September 2008
We love tigers and we can't believe that some people would ever kill such amazing animals.
ARUN BHARGAVA on 30th August 2008
I feel you have done a great job by showing your skills and hard work
June Miller on 24th August 2008
This is a beautiful site about tigers, with gorgeous pictures! It is obvious that you love tigers and that you wish to help them survive. Your Links section is very helpful with many, many useful links that I would have never found elsewhere. Thank you!
sandra pearson on 23rd August 2008
being passionate about wildlife,[african &the tiger]itruely love your tiger pictures so much,how i wish i could go to india and see the beautiful,regal and proud, tiger,[ilove so much][we have to save the tiger how could any one kill the beautiful tiger]it saddens me.
Ross Paul Whitelam on 7th August 2008
The Tiger is one of natures magnificent gifts to us and we all owe an enormous ammount of gratitude to all who are helping the Tiger
Joanne Hyland on 5th August 2008
GRRRRREAT photos Mike! The website looks fantastic...very proud of you :) Love Jo & Dean x
Jessica on 26th July 2008
Thank you for doing this sight i dont live in the area but i care alot about tigers please help and support them thanks
Christina EMrick on 20th July 2008
Beautiful pictures of some amazing animals. I hope we can save the tigers for future generations.
Mike Bridle on 23rd June 2008
Excellent web site and superb photography!
Corinne and David Taylor-Smith on 13th June 2008
Hi Michael Just a quick update note from our (monsoon interupted) trip to Kanha and Bandhavgarh: Like you we also had reduced sightings in bandhavgarh compared to 2007, but were heartened to hear news of more new cubs for Sidhababa, Chakradhara and JhurJhura over the coming months. Ecounters in Kanha were far more concerning, only 2 fleeting glimpses in 8 visists to the park and a disturbing lack of pug marks. We fear that the plight of Kanha is worse than we imagined and can only hope that the conservation efforts do something to stop the decline soon. Keep up the good work.
Steve Blake (UK) on 6th June 2008
What a beautiful, and very important, site. Thank you very much for sharing your valuable photos and experiences with the rest of us who are unable to visit these superb sanctuaries for perhaps the worlds most important animal. It certainly is as far as I am concerned and wish I could do more. It is only through such distinguished people like Michael that the rest of the world can truly appreciate the Tiger. Please keep up the excellent work. All the very best.
Tracey Lucas on 30th May 2008
Beautiful photographs. Thank you for all your help with my quest for teaching childen about the plight of tigers and other endangered animals.
Brandy Jones on 27th May 2008
These are such great phographs. I envy you. I wish I could go to the places you have been and seen these beautiful animals. They are awesome animals!
Amar Mishra on 19th May 2008
The site is excellent, and beautifully organised