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Guest Book

Ian & Dao Northeast on 26th April 2007
Great web site, fantastic photos. We would love to join you one day to see your tigers close up!!
Mike Bradley on 26th April 2007
Fantastic images and a superb web site. Well done.
Kerry Hudson WSPA on 26th April 2007
Congratulations on a brilliant website and beautiful pictures.
Ananda Banerjee on 26th April 2007
Congratulations dear Mike on your debut on the internet
Mike W on 26th April 2007
the photos have made the stories come to life... If my 2 LITTLE cats can spare me,would love to come to india one day,perhaps you could have a word with my boss?
Howard on 26th April 2007
Congratulations on a great site the hard work was worth it.Keep it going,mind you if you had used Nikon gear be even sharper !
Lesley on 26th April 2007
Congratulations on your website, Mike. Love the enlargements as you roll over the scrolling images. Wonderful photos.
Susan Shipman on 26th April 2007
Cousin Michael you are to be congratulated on a wonderful website, exquisite photography with profiles and news transporting the viewer into a world of sheer delight. Susan.
Alan & Sue on 30th November -0001
More great pictures. A wonderful site to look at.
Kaustubh Paturkar on 30th November -0001
What a wonderful & informative site this is.I really appreciate your love for nature & in particularly for tigers.This will go a long way in spreading the message to Save the Tigers from the brink of extinction.