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AA VIJAY KUMAR on 12th June 2015
There is no animal more glamorous than the tiger. I am obsessed about tigers. I cannot imagine a world without tigers. You are doing a great job. I envy you because you are able to spend so much time with tigers. I greatly appreciate your work. I hope we can keep all the tigers alive.
Sarah Silverlight on 9th June 2015
Absolutely stunning photos! You bring them to life so splendidly. I do hope to see them in person one day on a visit to India.
caroline roos on 7th June 2015
Awesome photo's thanks for sharing the beautiful photo's
Varpu Kaplas on 27th May 2015
I'm always looking for tiger related pages and now I feel like I hit gold! There is so much information and so many fantastic pictures that I already know I'll be returning to this page over and over again. Needless to say, I added this to my favourites!
Garry Rogers on 16th April 2015
Great photos!
Soizic Harel on 31st March 2015
Wonderful website. I'm delighted by seeing so amazing pictures. Plenty of interesting information about the fascinating tigers lifes and action of wildlfe conservation. Thank for making me dreaming, i have been lucky to go to see tigers twice and can't wait to go back. Great job, i will put "in the tigers" into my favorites.
Kathryn Hansen on 4th March 2015
Your tiger photographs are just magnificent. It's my dream to travel to India to see tigers in the wild and create new artwork with them!!
Craig Roberts on 31st January 2015
I am currently sketching a new Tiger original painting working from one of. Michaels beautiful photos of. MACHALI Ranthambhores lady of the lake very excited and a big thank you to Michael kind regards Craig Roberts Tracy and Jack x
Craig Roberts on 31st January 2015
Michael is a dear friend,generous with his time and we both share a passion for Tiger conservation worldwide especially India's National Parks. I am very lucky to have such a talented Tiger expert and superb wildlife photographer as a friend. I call myself,Michael and Nafees Mohammed TIGER BROS! keep up the amazing work my friend warmest wishes Craig Roberts International Wildlife Artist,specialising in African Wildlife Paintings and if course Tigers!!!
bhavni on 10th December 2014
i am completely awed by these photos ............nature seems to be so "alive " . micheal has always been one of my favorite wildlife photographers .............he clicks like an artist ! all the very best !!
Debbie Martyr on 1st December 2014
Great images
Lynne Hague on 28th November 2014
Beautiful sight full of inspiration. Thank you
Every cat on 24th November 2014
These are beautiful pictures of beautiful animals. I think that you have a particularly naturalistic perception as a photographer. Your work must contribute a great deal to the conservation of all of the animals you photograph. Thank you for sharing them with the world, and also for your work to help conserve the wonderful tigers in India. Kind regards Jane
Desiree Laverne on 24th November 2014
Wow!!.. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of viewing your wonderful photos.. Your love and compassion is clearly felt through your photography... For those of us that will never have the opportunity of ever seeing a Tiger in 'real' life.. You sure did a brilliant job of bringing them to us... Thank you for being the voice for Tigers.
Julie on 23rd November 2014
Hi Mike, Your photos are beautiful! Your compassion to save the tigers and the forest that all life share and depend, is a wonderful thing. Cheers to you and your work!
Laura Monistere on 21st November 2014
Your site and photo's are great!
Renee Spillane on 20th November 2014
I love all cats but my passion are the Bengal Tigers. Can't get enough of them. Wish they would stop killing them. Such a beautiful animal.
Mrs.Ida Shakila Joshua . on 15th November 2014
Dear Michael ,Thank you for your Calender for 2015. GOD has blessed you with compassionate heart , talent of capturing what you see with your eyes . You make us to see the wild tigers in its natural habitat through your eyes. The pictures shows your dedication in your work . The way you handle the wild tigers makes that tigers , also to be so calm and comfortable in allowing them to be photographed by a compassionate admirer. Keep doing your good work, go to the unreachable heights, where we all only dream about it. Thank you once again ,to really enjoy the awesome cats what you have presented as a Calender. Worth buying it. We look forward many more pictures like this. GOD bless you. From: Mrs. Ida Shakila Joshua.
Sue on 9th November 2014
Your photo of a young male tiger is quite amazing!!! We can't stop looking at him - mesmerising!
Janet Hoben on 4th November 2014
Amazing photos! Thank you for your dedication to this magnificent animal!