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Desiree Laverne on 24th November 2014
Wow!!.. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of viewing your wonderful photos.. Your love and compassion is clearly felt through your photography... For those of us that will never have the opportunity of ever seeing a Tiger in 'real' life.. You sure did a brilliant job of bringing them to us... Thank you for being the voice for Tigers.
Julie on 23rd November 2014
Hi Mike, Your photos are beautiful! Your compassion to save the tigers and the forest that all life share and depend, is a wonderful thing. Cheers to you and your work!
Laura Monistere on 21st November 2014
Your site and photo's are great!
Renee Spillane on 20th November 2014
I love all cats but my passion are the Bengal Tigers. Can't get enough of them. Wish they would stop killing them. Such a beautiful animal.
Mrs.Ida Shakila Joshua . on 15th November 2014
Dear Michael ,Thank you for your Calender for 2015. GOD has blessed you with compassionate heart , talent of capturing what you see with your eyes . You make us to see the wild tigers in its natural habitat through your eyes. The pictures shows your dedication in your work . The way you handle the wild tigers makes that tigers , also to be so calm and comfortable in allowing them to be photographed by a compassionate admirer. Keep doing your good work, go to the unreachable heights, where we all only dream about it. Thank you once again ,to really enjoy the awesome cats what you have presented as a Calender. Worth buying it. We look forward many more pictures like this. GOD bless you. From: Mrs. Ida Shakila Joshua.
Sue on 9th November 2014
Your photo of a young male tiger is quite amazing!!! We can't stop looking at him - mesmerising!
Janet Hoben on 4th November 2014
Amazing photos! Thank you for your dedication to this magnificent animal!
Rob Allport on 24th October 2014
Some stunning tiger photography - enjoyed looking through your extensive gallery! :)
john on 24th October 2014
Great work Michael. Anyone who highlights the plight of the Tiger and its big cat cousins deserves much respect.
Alan Seymour on 2nd October 2014
Hi Mike, You have taken some great images on your travels, I my self are one of the lucky ones who have photographed wild tigers. Your web site is very impressive, and will visit again. hope to meet up with you some time soon. Have a great trip next week to the land of the tiger. Regards Alan S
Daniele Halle on 27th September 2014
Love all ur pics, those animals are awesome
Elaine Wharton on 25th September 2014
Beautiful photography of these exquisite creatures, thank you for sharing them with us.
Roswitha on 22nd September 2014
Wonderful work and a really beautiful site.
Lin Kerns on 18th September 2014
You are such a gifted photographer and I hope to get a calendar this year from you. I also admire you for your dedication to saving this magnificent cat. Kudos to you for all your hard work!
Alisa on 16th September 2014
Great site! So many interesting facts and important info. And fotos of course - iconic tigers and I also like funny puffins here) Thank you for your job! I signed tiger petition as well
Kitya Fitzgerald on 13th September 2014
My husband is going to get me a calender! I love them. Amazing! You're so talented & I'm going to get so much joy from this lovely calender!
Tom O'Malley on 11th September 2014
Gorgeous photos. Keep up the good work!
Chris Suri on 8th September 2014
Everyone needs to stand up for the animals that we admire and care about.
DinaPorell on 7th September 2014
Beautiful photos! Tigers are my favorite animals. Thanks for the great work.
Diana Taylor on 6th September 2014
Very beautiful photographs! I signed your petition & hope that it is successful .