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Guest Book

Elaine Wharton on 25th September 2014
Beautiful photography of these exquisite creatures, thank you for sharing them with us.
Roswitha on 22nd September 2014
Wonderful work and a really beautiful site.
Lin Kerns on 18th September 2014
You are such a gifted photographer and I hope to get a calendar this year from you. I also admire you for your dedication to saving this magnificent cat. Kudos to you for all your hard work!
Alisa on 16th September 2014
Great site! So many interesting facts and important info. And fotos of course - iconic tigers and I also like funny puffins here) Thank you for your job! I signed tiger petition as well
Kitya Fitzgerald on 13th September 2014
My husband is going to get me a calender! I love them. Amazing! You're so talented & I'm going to get so much joy from this lovely calender!
Tom O'Malley on 11th September 2014
Gorgeous photos. Keep up the good work!
Chris Suri on 8th September 2014
Everyone needs to stand up for the animals that we admire and care about.
DinaPorell on 7th September 2014
Beautiful photos! Tigers are my favorite animals. Thanks for the great work.
Diana Taylor on 6th September 2014
Very beautiful photographs! I signed your petition & hope that it is successful .
mark marriott on 5th September 2014
Great quality photography and a very informative website. I will be sure to revisit in order to keep up to date. All the best mark
Jon Ainsworth on 29th August 2014
Really astounding photos of tigers that benefit conservation efforts to save these majestic cats in the wild and superb wildlife photography that captures the essence of animals in their natural habitat.
Mike Noon on 24th August 2014
This is the only way to shoot an animal! Love and respect your work. Anxious to see the images from your upcoming trip. We on this end are nearly as lucky as you! Safe travels
Regina on 21st August 2014
I'm very impressed and extremely touched by the efforts along with the strong support in saving these majestic animals. The amazing photos capture there beauty perfectly...
Viviana Garcia on 17th August 2014
Your work is impressive, not only your photography but your conservation efforts. Thank you for helping animals with your talent. It is a joy to be able to see these animals in the wild.
Josephine on 14th August 2014
Beautiful photos of majestic animals!
Denise Putt on 10th August 2014
Terrific website, Mike. Stunning photography and powerful message. What are we doing to this planet?? x
julie hodges on 4th August 2014
Thanks for sharing these beautiful images of Tigers in their natural environment. Tigers should always be free like this. Poaching & the Chinese medicine trade in animal parts has to stopped somehow.
Alan Matthews on 3rd August 2014
Great website, Very interesting, well written articles and brilliant photography. More people need to see it! Well done for all you do for tigers!
Betty Workman on 20th July 2014
Such majestic creatures. Just love the photos
Casey Jones on 16th July 2014
What gorgeous pictures of my favorite big cat, the Tiger. The other photos are amazing too. I love them all & can't wait to see more :)