Jhurjhura Tigress

Now approaching 8 years since this beautiful tigress was mortally wounded by persons illegally entering the park at dusk.  Clearly now the so called investigation into those responsible for Jhurjhura's death has not unsurprisingly come to nothing.  Shortly after these tragic events the then Minister of Evironment and Forests called upon the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh to instigate an independant and transparent investigation into those responsible for this incident.  However this course of action was denied.  We must therefore ask ourselves why the request was rejected as if it had taken place then there can be little doubt that those responsible would have faced punishment for their selfish action.  Shame both on those responsible and the MP government for not allowing a CBI investigation to take place.  

With the names of the persons known to the Authorities who were in the vehicles at the time that the tigress was killed-how long does it take before arrests are made and the culprits charged for this wicked crime?

The life and death of the Jhurjura Tigress

Born in April 2002 to the Chakradhara tigress-sired by B2 and mortally wounded by humans on 18 May 2010

On the 18 May 2010, three Government vehicles entered Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve the occupants included the CEO Zila Panchayat of Umaria; Range Officer from the Magdhi; Veterinary Assistant Surgeon from Tala; a relative of Shri Akshay Kumar Singh and 3 children; a driver of the vehicle used by the CEO from Umaria.  These vehicles entered Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve staying beyond the permitted park timings and the indications are that Jhurjura tigress, mother of three small cubs, was rammed by one them and mortally wounded. As a consequence of TOTAL DISRESPECT for the wildlife in the reserve, this beautiful tigress died from her wounds the following day. Devastatingly the Jhurjura tigress left behind 3 small cubs of approximately 6 months old, that are now orphaned and who were totally dependent on their mother. Since the death of their Mother I further regret to report that 1 of the cubs has since been killed which further compounds the death of the tigress.


The tragic consequence of a totally selfish act by mindless individuals

On the advice of the Member Secretary of the National Tiger Conservation Authority the Minister of Environment and Forests recommended that the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh call for an independent and transparent CBI probe into this tragedy. However the State Government opted for a local CID and subsequently an investigation by the Special Task Force of the Madhya Pradesh police.  An independant CBI enquiry into this heinous 


crime should have immediately been c


arried out. The persons who committed this offence must be brought to justice and punished for their selfish intrusion and subsequent slaying of one of India’s irreplaceable Royal Bengal Tigers. 

 The Jhurjura tigress and her cub must NOT have died in vain.