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First tiger to be shortly relocated to the Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve

Rajasthan will soon have tigers living at the Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve. Work is progressing on the infrastructure for the first tiger to arrive at the reserve by the end of this month. An initial soft release site of approximately 28 hectarers has been constructed for the tigers to help the big cats acclimatise before they are finally released into the wild. The release site is in the Darrah region of the reserve which is a contiguous forest area of about 200 and estimated to be larger than the core area of Ranthambhore.  At the same time a substantial prey base of Cheetal from both Delhi and Jaipur zoos will be moved to the reserve which will help encourage the tigers settle into their new home. It is intended that 4 tigers will be moved to Mukundra Hills reserve from Ranthambhore but initially 1 tiger and 2 tigresses will relocate. More on the story can be read by following the link below.