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Fishermen torment tiger swimming at the Sunderbans

12 fishermen are arrested under the wildlife protection act.  A video clip showing some people on a trawler using poles to jab at and possibly injure a tiger swimming across a river in the Sunderbans has led coastal police to arrest and charge 12 fishermen under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.  The video, shot and possibly circulated as a trophy, had emerged on June 28 and appeared to show the accused hounding the tiger for no reason.  When the fishermen were rounded up on Wednesday, they at first claimed to be trying to save the tiger rather than attacking it. "We showed them the video, which contains audio of some of the accused egging each other on to jab at the animal with bamboo poles. None of them had a satisfactory explanation for that," a police officer said.  All 12 fishermen are out on bail, but attacking wildlife inside a national park is a cognisable offence that possibly won't allow them to get off scot-free.   A conviction makes them liable for a jail sentence of three to seven years. More on this story can be seen by following the link below.