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Fox lights can possibly help solve human/tiger confrontation

After more than 30 deaths due to tiger attacks in the areas adjoining the forests of Pilibhit and Lakhimpur Kheri districts over the past 2 years, the forest department has made a successful trial with fox lights that can keep tigers away from human habitation. To check the effect of fox lights on big cats such as tiger and leopard, the forest department installed 3 fox lights at a farm in the Sundarpur village of South Kheri forest division. Villagers said that a tiger visited the area most nights and had killed a few cattle. However since the lights were installed a week ago no tiger movement had been seen in the area.  The light helps to create an illusion that someone is walking around with a torch at night and this helps keep preditors away.  More on this most interesting method of discouraging human/ tiger confrontation can be read by following the link below.