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How Panna got its stripes back

She puts one paw on the edge of the cage, then takes it back in. She pauses and peeps out, looking to her right and to her left, growling as she tries to gauge her surroundings. She’s hedging; you would be too if you’d spent the last 18 hours in an iron enclosure, being shipped 368 kilometres overnight from your old home in Pench to Panna, a place you’d never seen. 

Ultimately, she proves she’s no coward. T6, the newest tiger in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna Tiger Reserve, walks out slowly and majestically makes her way into the jungle. Her every step forward is a step ahead for the Reserve’s tiger relocation programme, a project that has found great (and rare) success in increasing the big cat’s population in the Reserve.  See link below to read the story in the Hindustan Times.