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Karnataka has over 406 wild tigers

Karnataka is already No. 1 when it comes to the country's tiger population. It gets better. Its lush forests are home to more big cats than 406, the number thrown up by the national tiger census report in 2014.  The census report released by the Wildlife Institute of India omitted protected areas like Male Mahadeshwara (MM Hills) Wildlife Sanctuary and Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary , traditionally not known for tigers. Now, a scientific analysis of 1,933 sqkm done through camera-trapping has found a healthy tiger population in the two protected areas. While at MM Hills, 12 tigers were discovered, two were documented at Cauvery ."These areas have the potential to double their tiger count within five years, as a lot of them are young," said wildlife biologist Sanjay Gubbi, key author of the study conducted by Nature Conservation Foundation. See link below to read the story in The Times of India.