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Maharashtra male tiger now captured

The Maharashtra forest department on Tuesday captured an elusive male tiger, aged about five to six years, near Sindhi village in Rajura forest at Central Chanda, Chandrapur. The tiger, RT1, is suspected to have killed eight people and injured three others since January 2019.  RT1 had evaded all the capture efforts since February this year, when the chief wildlife warden had issued orders to capture the wild cat.  Activists, however, had written to the state government on Monday requesting chief minister Uddhav Thackeray to avoid the tiger’s capture until there was proof that the tiger had been involved in killing all the eight people.     The deputy conservator of forest (Central Chanda) Arvind Mundhe said  “All the kills cannot be attributed to RT1. Of the eight deaths, samples of five cases were sent for DNA analysis. Results had confirmed that two cases were due to a large male tiger. However, in other incidents, the gender could not be established.”  See link below for more on this report.