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No more than 100 tigers found on the Bangladesh side of the Sunderbans

At a recent census in the Bangladesh section of the Sunderbans no more than 100 tigers were reported. During the previous census in 2004 around 400 tigers were logged but that was before the latest methology of using camera traps to photograph and record the movements of the big cats.  Previously the pug mark method was used which was renound in providing an unreliable count of wildlife.  Therefore although the latest figure is disappointing it has to be said that the 2004 figure did not give an accurate count of tiger numbers and that the sum of 400 was unlikely.  Y.V. Jhala, professor at the Wildlife Institute of India stated that the new figure was the "reality"and that the Bangladesh parts of the Sundarbans with its prey size can support up to 200 .  Wildlife experts state that more should be done at the Sunderbans to protect the tiger and its habitat. Please follow this LINK to read more on this story.