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Orphaned tiger cub now a fearless tiger princess

From the success story of an orphaned tiger cub in the Russian Far East—a possible model for tiger conservation everywhere—to the uptick in tiger numbers in India, this is a good month for tigers. The story of the orphaned cub is so entrancing, in fact, that big cat biologists are comparing it to a fairytale. In it, not only is an orphaned cub saved, but she, in turn, may save a whole forested area–filling it with the tigers who once roamed here. The tiger is a female named Zolushka—which is the Russian equivalent of Cinderella. Two hunters found her in the winter of 2012—alone, starving, and frostbitten. She was an almost dead tiger cub—really not much more than a striped bag of bones lying in snow. A wonderful story of survival against the odds-please follow the link below to read this inspiring story.