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Poaching for the Chinese market drives tigers to the brink

Tiger Deaths Increase Inside Protected Areas

Inflamed By Poaching, Record-High Tiger Deaths Reported In India

What You Don't Know About the Tiger Trade Is Killing Them 

Tiger Poaching On The Rise With 73 Established Trade Hubs In India

Forest Dept Tries To Explain Away Missing Tigers

Malayan Tiger 'Critically Endangered'

These are just a few of this fall's tiger headlines. It's been a barrage of bad news. 

Legions of dedicated individuals are deep in the fight to save this majestic creature, the largest of the world's cats. It's an animal that faces myriad threats, as all carnivores do, but one factor is largely responsible for their current slide: poaching, driven by the Chinese demand for tiger products. Read this down to earth report on the current state of the tiger by following this link to Huff Post.