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Pregnant tigress killed in Maharashtra

Pregnant tigress with 4 unborn cubs killed by poachers in Yavatmal, death toll of tigers in this year reaches 17 in the state.  Another incident of the brutal killing of a tiger has come to the fore in the state of Maharashtra. The forest and police department of the Pandharkawada division on Sunday, i.e April 25, found a four-year-old pregnant tigress in the Mukutban forest region.   “It is highly likely that the death of the tigress is the handiwork of some locals engaged in bamboo mats. The tigress was choked to death first by the igniting fire as the pictures show burn bamboo pieces at the cave entrance. She must have tried to come out but the poachers may have blocked the entrances. Later, the poachers must have entered the cave and removed the paws with an axe. Injuries on her body reveal that she was attacked by sharp-edged weapons,” said Subhash Puranik, Pandharkawda DFO (wildlife).  Sadly it appears that poachers are taking advantage of the restrictions placed on tourists entering the parks due to Covid 19. See link below for more on this report.