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Sadly Malayan tigers are close to extinction

Time is running out for the Malayan tigers in the wild.  Unless conservation efforts are stepped up these critically endangered striped predators might well go extinct in their habitats of Malaysia.  The Malayan tiger (Panthera tigris jackson) is about to go extinct in the wild.  Due to its limited distribution, only Malaysia can save this tiger from imminent extinction as drastic actions needed are unlikely to come in time warns tiger biologist Kae Kawanish. 'The tiger is the most endangered of the big cats on Earth' she adds. 'Four tiger subspecies have gone extinct in the past century and among the five remaining, the Malayan tiger is the least known, least supported and closest to extinction.'

Experts believe that only as few as 150 Malayan tigers, which are endemic to Malaysia remain in the wild.  Even these last few tigers, the remnants of animals that numbered several thousand only a few decades ago, are facing constant threats as a result of habitat loss and forest fragmentation.  More on this worrying trend effecting tiger numbers can be seen by following the link below.