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The Pantanal, Brazil-September/October 2015

I have just returned from a visit to The Pantanal.  My principle interest was to photograph the Jaguar, this being only one of two cat species that spend much of their time in the water. Each day I was fortunate to find these magnificent animals both at rest and on occasions searching the river banks for their principle prey species, the Caiman.  I saw a female Jaguar swim across a wide river while unsuccessfully trying to persuade her female cub to follow.  Reaching the opposite side, the mother returned to join her cub who by then was in some distress and then continued their journey through the thick forest cover.  Other interesting wildlife included Giant river otters, Capybara, Anacondas, Hyacinth Macaws and many other bird species.  A small number of photographs from The Pantanal can be seen by following this Link to the picture gallery on this website.