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The terrible truth behind tiger farming in south east Asia

For nearly five years, Ammann, 70, a Swiss counter-trafficking conservationist, had tracked the tiger butcher, a man named Nikhom Keovised. He had placed hidden cameras inside what had once been the largest tiger farm in >southeast Asia, an illegal operation where tigers had been raised to one end – slaughter – and where the man doing the slaughtering had been Nikhom. And he had listened to Nikhom describe it all in his own words: “Use the anesthetic,” he had said. “Then just cut the neck.” Then “peel its skin”.   Now Nikhom had established himself here, in this half-splash of civilisation near the Vietnam border, where he’d just opened what his boss – considered one of the nation’s biggest wildlife traffickers – described as a zoo, but what Ammann suspected was a front for selling tigers.  More on this cruel and horrible trade can be read by following the link below to the aticle in The Independent.