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The tragedy and blessing of the severe floods at Kaziranga

Over 300 animals have drowned so far after the second wave of floods hit Kaziranga. Flooding each year as the the mighty Bramaputra river rises during the monsoon period brings huge benefits to the eco system of the park allowing the grass plains to thrive which in turn provides food for the large herbivore popultion.

However at the same time many of its animals cannot escape the rising waters and drown in the flood. Besides tigers, elephants and other wild animals Kaziranga is home to approximately 2/3rds of the world's one horned rhinoceros population and already about 19 of these magnificent animals have drowned being unable to escape the rising waters. Many animals have been able to take shelter on nearby rising ground but as this area is outside the protected area of the park and there is concern that poachers make take advantage of this sad situation.  To read more on this story please follow this link to The Times of India.