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Tiger deaths rise steeply in India

Tiger mortality is increasing at an alarming rate across the country with three tiger killings reported this year at the Nagarjunasagar Srisa-ilam Tiger Reserve (NSTR) that falls in AP and Telangana.  In the last eight months at least 49 tigers were killed and eight tiger skins were seized against 68 last year. Wildlife experts said that poaching has increased due to lack of surveillance in AP and Telangana post split. Other southern states like TN and Karnataka also reported more killings than northern ones except MP. Most of the cases are still under investigation and culprits have not been caught yet.Last January 23 a tiger was poached in the Telangana NSTR. Police arrested the culprit and are in the process of filing the charge sheet. In August 23 two tiger skins were seized in the AP  NSTR. Please follow the link below to read the report in the Deccan Chronicle.