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Tiger habitat declined by 41% in 17 years

Even as Madhya Pradesh's forest and water resources department (WRD) spar over 5,258 hectares of land that Panna tiger reserve is likely to lose in Ken-Betwa river-linking project, International Union for conservation of nature (IUCN) in its latest report has pointed out that Madhya Pradesh and other states of country have lost an alarming 41 per cent of tiger habitat in last 17 years.  "The Tiger's extent of occupied area is estimated at less than 1,184,911 km², a 41% decline from the area estimated in 1997. India suffered the most range contraction. While part of the difference is due to improved data after a decade of intensive tiger conservation efforts, and improved datasets and techniques, biologists consider the primary cause to be declines due to poaching and habitat loss," says the report. See link below to read the story in The Times of India.