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Water shortage causing problem for wildlife

Wildlife in Banke and Bardiya national parks have been hugely affected due to the drying up of water sources in the protected areas. The scarcity of water has led to more animals entering human settlements in search of water and causing human-wildlife conflict.  “There are a few streams that pass through the park forests but water level there sharply decreases during the dry season,” said Shyam Shah, the chief conservation officer at the Banke National Park.   “Wild animals from the park come out and enter human settlements due to water shortage. It is one of the reasons behind the unchecked incidents of human-animal conflict,” said Shah. Frequent road accidents involving wildlife are reported along the East-West Highway, as the animals in the park have to cross the highway to reach Rapti River, which lies in the buffer zone area.  More on this report can be seen by following the link below.