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Wildlife activists want strategy to protect sub-adult tigers

Nowhere to roam and set up a homerange of their own for young tigers dispersing from the natal home. Of the 5 tigers that died in the Indian State of Uttarakhand this year, 3 were sub-adults in the age group of 2-3 years. This news has prompted wildlife activists to call for a strategy to protect these vulnerable young tigers.  Tiger cubs are well protected by their mothers but by the time they reach an age of about 2 years they are encouraged by their mothers to leave their natal home and find another area of the forest to live out their lives. So many dangers face these young tigers with only about half of a 3/4 litter surviving as some are killed by other tigers or leopards or die to a low immune system. It has been suggested that more young dispersing tigers would survive by increased by regular forest staff foot patrols as vehicle patrols would make very little difference.  More on this story can be found by following the link below:-