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Young male tiger that killed a woman at Ranthambhore is relocated

The hunt for the killer tiger at Ranthambore National Park (RNP) ended late on Sunday night with the forest department successfully tranquillising the male tiger that lay hidden in a mustard field. The tiger was identified as the three-year-old male, son of tigress T-41 aka 'Laila'. 
A month after an old woman was killed by a tiger in the outskirts of RNP, another woman was mauled to death by a tiger near the park on Saturday. Munni Devi (40) was killed by the tiger at 5.30am, when she had gone to relieve herself. The victim's body was torn into three pieces.  The current tiger population at RNP is the highest in the park’s history, and is far more than the park can handle. This results in tigers straying out into neighbouring villages. In both the recent incidents, the attacks were made by young tigers T-98 and son of T-41, who wandered out in search of territory.  More on this story can be seen by following the link below.