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Active armed poachers in some tiger reserves

Motion-sensitive cameras placed in forest areas for tiger census captured the big cats, but also exposed the stark reality of armed poachers having a free run in some tiger reserves in Telangana.
The'Status of Tigers, Co-predators and Prey in tndta'report, released by the Centre on Tuesday, has revealed the presence of armed poachers and snared wildlife in Amrabad tiger reserve.   According to the report, the camera trap images showed presence of armed poachers in Jharkhand's Palarnau tiger reserve and Chhattisgarh's Udanti Sitanadi tiger reserve, while snared wildlife were photographed in Madhya Pradesh's Pench tiger reserve and South Panna division, Uttarakhand's Rajaji tiger reserve, Mizoram's Dampa tiger reserve and Maharashtra's Melghat tiger reserve.  

More on this worrying report can be read by following the link below.