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Good news for tigers in Nepal

In mid-April, as the country reeled under a stay-at-home order amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there was news from the far western region which would start a new chapter in Nepal’s tiger conservation efforts. A tiger was spotted at an elevation of 2,500 metres in the Mahabharat range forest area of Dadeldhura district, making it the first ever sighting of the predator at such a high altitude in Nepal.  

Tiger species is usually found in Nepal’s five protected parks and adjoining forest areas in the low-lying Tarai belt where, in 2018, the Nationwide Tiger and Prey Survey recorded an impressive 19 percent increase in tiger numbers from the 2013 estimate of 198 individuals, taking the national tiger population to two hundred and thirty-five.  Political will to fulfil international commitments will be Nepal’s ultimate test to meet conservation goals.

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