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Hungary-The Plains of Hortobágy

This week I enjoyed a five day trip to eastern Hungary to photograph some of the bird species found in the region. From a hide, one of the most interesting birds that I recorded was the Red-footed Falcon.  It was a pleasure to view the birds as they visited the nesting site with mice and grasshoppers to feed their young.  The slate grey male falcon returned with prey to pass to the female; she in turn appeared to be 'stripping' off either the coat of a mouse or wings from a grasshopper! Thus prepared the food was passed to the chicks who devoured their meal eagerly.  I was fortunate enough to find Bee-Eaters, Eurasian Hoopoes, Rollers, Marsh Harriers and Squacco Herons. The photograph shows the transfer of a mouse between the male and female Red-footed Falcon.