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Puffins on Skomer Island in Wales

Last week I travelled to Pembrokeshire, Wales, for two days of photography on Skomer with its amazing Puffin colony.  I was informed that there are about 18,000 pairs of these characterful birds on the island plus around 300,000 Manx Shearwaters.  The Shearwaters arrive when it is dark in an effort to avoid predation by the voracious gulls who also inhabit the island. The Puffins are very active at this time of the year attempting to bring in sand-eels from the sea to feed their chicks which are safely homed in burrows made both by rabitts and the Puffins.  The photograph shows a pair of Puffins socialising on the edge of a cliff-top.  More of my photographs from Skomer will shortly be available in the 'Gallery' of this website.