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Kazakhstan to be the first country to reintroduce tigers into the wild

It has been reported in The Guardian that Kazakhstan is to make ready a former tiger habitat where tigers are to be reintroduced after the last tiger was lost some 70 years ago.  Tigers will be introduced into an arra known as Ili-Balkhash which forms part of the tigers former historical range.  Much work needs to be carried out before the first tigers arrive as to be successful the project needs the support of local people and the restoration of forest habitat and the creation of a nature reserve.  In addition sufficient prey species needs to be reintroduced many of which have been decimated by poaching over the years.  In all probability it will take almost 10 years before wild tigers are seen again in Kazakhstan as the project will take much time and effort before everything is in place. However this is an excellent start to turn back the tide where 90% of tiger habitat has been lost since the beginning of the 20th century.