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Mukundra reserve to receive 3 tigers very shortly

It has been reported in the Hindustan Times that Mukundara Hills tiger reserve which is about 300 km south of Jaipur is to have 3 tigers that are to be relocated from Ranthambhore tiger reserve. The go ahead has been given to the State authority by the NTCA that is based in Delhi and the tigers are scheduled to be moved by next December. Initially it is intended that the tiger reserve will receive 1 male tiger and 2 females.  Mukundara Hills reserve has been waiting 4 years since its inception for tigers to be released into its forest and it is hoped that this will help create more funds from tourism that can be spent on security and tourism infrastructure.  The reserve stretches over an area of 759 which includes 417 core area and 342 of buffer zone.  The photo above this news item is of the magnificent male tiger known as Ustad T.24